Common Core State Standards Overview

Common Core State Standards

Public education has instituted many new programs over the years; however, none will be more revolutionary and have a greater impact on student learning than the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). The transition and implementation of the new Math and English Language Arts (ELA) Common Core State Standards began in 2011 and will continue through 2014. In 2015, a new assessment system will be in place to measure students’ achievement.

Connecticut, and over 40 other states, adopted these new K-12 Common Core State Standards for Mathematics and ELA. Two associations developed these new Standards: the National Governors Association and the Chief Council of State School

Officers. Representatives from participating states, as well as a wide range of educators, content experts, and researchers, have developed these widely accepted standards that are research-based and internationally benchmarked.

The purpose and rationale of the new CCSS is to ensure that high school graduates in every part of the nation have the knowledge and skills necessary for college and/or career readiness. If students meet these new rigorous, high standards, they will have better career choices in their lives, and the nation will be more competitive in today's global economy.

The implementation and transition to the new ELA Common Core should be a fairly smooth process because Connecticut's current standards have many similarities to the new CCSS. However, the new ELA Common Core Standards require more rigor, focus on reading comprehension, and include a heavier emphasis on writing, grammar, informational text, thinking skills, better instruction, and literacy across the curriculum.

The implementation and transition to the new Common Core State Standards for Mathematics will result in some realignment of our current expectations. Grades K-5 will be focused on number sense and building a solid foundation for abstract math that will be taught in grades 6-12.

The purpose of the adoption of Common Core State Standards is to ensure that ALL students are college and career ready when they leave our PK-12 system. The CCSS will propel change in instructional practices in order to improve student performance and provide a clear, consistent statewide understanding of what students should know and be able to do.

There are many resources available to parents regarding the Common Core State Standards. Please use any of the other links to gather more information.

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