Valley Speech and Debate Teams
Competition for Valley Speech and Debate Teams
Posted on 12/15/2016
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The speech and debate team from Valley travelled to Worcester, Massachusetts on Saturday, November 19th, to participate in a Model United Nations.  Model United Nations (Model UN or MUN) is an academic re-creation of the United Nations, which seeks to educate students about real world events, international relations, foreign policy, history, economics, finance, globalization, and multilateral diplomacy through simulation in a highly competitive setting.  This year's committees were DISEC (Disarmament and International Security), SOCHUM (The Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural), The Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, The Asante Kingdom (a historical crisis committee), and a joint historical crisis committee between the Ottoman Empire and the Republic of Venice.

Since its inception, ClarkMUN has continued to recreate the spirited diplomacy practiced in the United Nations and to provide future generations of leaders a chance to explore their skills and talents through public speaking, writing, and negotiating.  With a particular emphasis on teaching delegates and offering them experiences to build their skill sets, this conference offers an environment conducive to the diplomatic practices found at the highest level of statesmanship. Through special guest lectures and real-time crisis to keep delegates actively engaged, ClarkMUN is an intellectually stimulating and enjoyable conference.

Students spent the morning resolving issues among the countries and historical figures and then spent the afternoon writing and passing a resolution to solve each crisis.